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February 2015

5 Apps Every Newlywed Should Have on Her Phone

Written by Lindsay Ropella

*This post is part of a partnership between The Newlywed Notebook and Groupon.
We cannot be held responsible for any new couponing obsession that may develop after reading this post. 


I’m always so interested in what apps other people have on their phone and love using. In fact, when I got my new phone a year or so ago I spent an entire afternoon just watching “what’s on my iphone” videos on Youtube. The other day, I realized that there are a lot of apps I downloaded only after I had gotten married. I know a lot changes once you get married, but your phone apps…really? Super strange I know, but I figured since it’s been true for me, I would share with you the top 5 apps I’ve discovered for newlyweds.

I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


UrbanSpoon is a complete lifesaver for date night. Eric and I used to play the “Where should we go to eat? I don’t know what do you want to eat?” game any time we tried to go out for the evening. If you play this game with your guy quite frequently, you know that this game can only end one of two ways — either with both of you getting frustrated and you end up picking up food to just bring back home, or you find yourselves at your typical spot for the third time that month because you couldn’t decide on a new restaurant in time.

This app totally takes the guesswork out of date night for Eric and I. We can either decide to stay local or branch out a bit to a different city, enjoy a budget meal or something a little more extravagant, get really picky with our type of cuisine, or just roll the dice and let the app choose whatever it wants for us. We may have to “spin the wheel” a few times before we land on a restaurant that will fit in with our plans for that evening, but I can definitely say we’ve never been disappointed. Through this roulette-style restaurant app we’ve actually discovered some of our new favorite spots!


I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


RhonnaDesigns is the perfect app for that new brides who loves to document her new life as a wife. That first year Eric and I were married, I took pictures of quite literally EVERYTHING. I cleaned our apartment? Click. I got flowers delivered or another “just because I love you” gift? Click. I made an actual meal that wasn’t completely charred? Click.

Now with the power of Instagram, we can share these little snapshots with potentially hundreds or even thousands of people online. But just because you took the picture, doesn’t necessarily mean it should make it’s way to the inter-web. If you find yourself posting a “just relaxing with my guy at the end of a great day #blessed” feet-on-coffee-table photo for the third time that week, try adding some pizzaz to the pic to keep your followers interested.

This app is honestly the only app you need to edit your Instagram object pictures. Add text, images, quotes, filters, and frames to make your photos stand out among the crowd. I’m so addicted to this app it’s not even funny. Check out some of my recent Instagram pics to see all the different things you can do with it. And if you really want to get fancy, download it’s sister app, RD Magic, and you will never get off your phone again.

I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


Oh Groupon, you siren of the coupon-world. If only I could quit your bright green “just click me” button, but alas, I cannot.

Seriously, if you don’t have the Groupon app on your phone, stop what you are doing and download it right now. I think most of us are familiar with Groupon for it’s awesome deals, but did you know Groupon also has over 55,000 coupons from over 8,000 well-known stores? This is where the app really shines for me. Ever since Eric and I started living on a budget, I’ve really been fascinated by couponing and trying to stretch a dollar as far as it will go (especially in the “personal spending category.” Makeup is expensive, yo). The trouble is though that I don’t think about using a coupon until I’m standing in the checkout line. I love that with the Groupon app I can just open it up, swipe over to the coupon screen, type in the store I’m at or choose it from the “nearby” section at the top of the page, and BAM! a list of coupons to pick from right at my disposal. I just click the ones I want to use and have the nice checkout-lady either scan the coupon or type in the code. You can even screen-shot the coupons and save them for later if you are a better human than me and actually plan your shopping out ahead of time.

And if you are a bit of a commitment-phobe like me, you will be pleased to know that you don’t even have to register to use this app! I’d recommend it for the more customized features, but you can still get all the basic benefits of the app and it’s treasure-chest of coupons without even signing in.

To give you a better idea of what they really have to offer and why I love Groupon Coupons so much (isn’t that fun to say?) let me give you a brief look at what types of coupons are available on my phone right now: Free foundation with a $25 Bare Minerals purchase from Nordstrom, 15% off JCPenny Home products, and even 50% off Photo Books from Shutterfly ready in time for Valentine’s Day for those of us procrastinators!

I’d love to know…if you use Groupon Coupons, what stores do you think offer the best deals?!


I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


Ovia is another must-have of mine for any newlyweds out there. Without getting too graphic on you, this app is the perfect one to track your monthly cycle. I’ve tried a good half-dozen apps for this in the past, but Ovia is the one that won me over. I love all the healthy living tips and interesting tidbits about women’s health that the app shares with you on a daily basis. In addition to it’s very pretty and super functional design, this app is really the most accurate that I’ve used so far, which as you can image makes a huge difference when you are trying to monitor something as tricky as your cycle.

I also love that I can track other important health statistics all within this one app such as weight, water intake, workouts, medications taken, nutrition, sleep patterns, etc. It’s crazy to me that this app is completely free. I also think it’s really cool that this app can work for any woman in any phase of life: whether you are trying to get pregnant, trying to avoid pregnancy altogether, or just wanting to know what’s going on so that you aren’t surprised by any “unwelcome visitors” on your next weekend getaway, this app has got your back.


I realized recently that there are a lot of apps I've only started using since becoming a wife. Here are 5 apps every newlywed should have on her phone!


Last but certainly not least is Mint. If you remember in my Newlywed New Year Resolutions post, I mentioned that Eric and I have made it a goal to get out of debt this year. We don’t have a ton of debt, but we’ve found out that student loans sure do add up. In order to meet our goal, we’ve set up a pretty strict budget for ourselves. My husband is a finance guy, so he spent almost an entire week looking for the perfect system to track our finances. He looked at everything from computer programs to spreadsheets to phone apps, both paid and unpaid, and finally settled on Mint.

A few years ago we actually half-used a budgeting system that we paid for, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that Mint has way more features than our paid system for FREE! Mint is an online website that has a corresponding iphone/ipad app. Eric found it a bit easier to set up our initial budget on the website, but the nice thing is that you can do everything right from your phone if you so choose. The absolute best thing about this app (in my humble opinion) is that it links to all your bank accounts and credit card so that all your transactions are automatically uploaded to the app, along with deposits as well. Don’t worry – you can’t get to any actual sensitive financial or bank information from the app, Eric checked just in case one of us lost our phone or something equally as horrifying. We both have the app on our phones so we can track our spending and see which budgets are getting close and how much we have left to spend in each category. Being able to check on this multiple times throughout the month has made it much easier to stick to our budget, and therefore, meet our goal of paying off our debt this year. Mint will even send you updates and alerts to help keep you on track.

Note: I will be doing an entire post on our budget next week and share with you some of the tricks we’ve come up with to paying down our debt within the year. I will touch a bit more on this app within that post as well.


Well, there you have it! My top 5 must-have apps for every newlywed!

So tell me – what did I forget? What apps would you include on your “top 5″ list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Rouge Salvatore

    fantastic post! Deciding where to have our next date night is always so confusing when it really shouldn’t be! I also have the RD app and am so involve with it, when I first got it literally wanted to customize.every.single.picture.ever.

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Thanks so much! Right?! I never can figure out why it’s such a tough decision but it totally is! Have you tried UrbanSpoon before? Eric and I really enjoy it.

      And umm, yup. Every. Single. One. ;)

  • chelsea

    ohh this is a great idea! i hadn’t seen the RD one before-checking it out!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      It’s honestly amazing! Way too much fun. ;)

  • Elizabeth T

    Love this, Lindsay! I hadn’t heard of UrbanSpoon but now I can’t wait to use it for our date nights (we’re honestly always trying to figure out where to eat!).

    • Lindsay Ropella

      You HAVE to try’s too addicting. Eric and I like using it too when we are on a long drive to see what types of restaurants are around us and see which ones we’ve never heard of before. I’m pretty sure that’s not at all the purpose of it, but we have fun. ;)

  • Amberly

    We love Mint! I love having all of our accounts in one place. I’ll have to look into Urban Spoon though.

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Isn’t it awesome?! We’ve only been using it really since this start of the year but I’m already so impressed. Yes, you will have to give urban spoon a try! It’s fun to even just mess around with on long car rides and see what’s around you. :)

  • Amber

    Wow I use all of these! Except I switched from Ovia to fertility friend and have never looked back! Check it out I love all these and would add that I use the Amazon price checker a lot too. If we’re at target and we see something we want I pull out the scanner and check the Amazon price then we can price match or just order from amazon:)

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Ooohh the amazon price checker! I have heard of that one but never used it! I am definitely going to download it and give it a try! Anything to save a bit of money. ;) Lol, and I actually used Fertility Friend first before switching to Ovia and ended up liking that one better. Funny, huh?! Hey, whatever works right? :) Thanks for your comment, girlie!

  • bellevieblog

    So I’m downloading every one of these as I’m typing this haha. Seriously though, I have only heard of Mint on this list and I’m getting married in May this summer so good thing I stumbled upon this post!! I love love love your blog and followed you on facebook and blog lovin’!! Can’t wait to read more girl!! Feel free to stop by and follow along as well!!


    • Lindsay Ropella

      haha yay!! You will have to let me know what you think of them! Yes, we LOVE Mint — it has really made us take a deeper look at how much money we are spending and where it is going. Thanks so much, girlie! I really appreciate it. :) xo

  • Paige Gunter

    Around town, Justin never uses Urban Spoon, but when we go on trips he loves to pull up Urban Spoon. It is by far the most used app in this relationship, lol. I found Groupon last year, but it never occurred to me to put the app on my phone until you mentioned. Definitely a duh moment there. Thank you, Lindsay!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Absolutely! It’s really a convenient way to have coupons at your disposal when you are out shopping. :) Eric and I really love using Urban Spoon when we are out of town too! It’s a great way to find unique spots and delicious food! Hope things are going well for you, girlie!!

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