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January 2015

Another Stella Story | She Did WHAT??!!

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Today I bring to you another Stella story…and let me tell you this one is a fiasco.

Apparently I like telling you about Stella’s bathroom habits and incidents this month because I have another bodily fluids story to follow up the one from last week.

So if you remember, when we first got Stella a year and a half ago I was working from home. In dog, this translates to, “I can eat and sleep and poop and play whenever the heck I want! Yay — my life is so great!” Then a few months ago I started working outside of the home everyday, and let’s just say that Stella has been less than pleased. The poor little puppy has to hold her bladder for over 9 hours every single day. And let me just remind you that she is barely 10 pounds. I’m not sure what that translates with regards to the weight of her bladder — all I know is that thing has to be tiny.

She’s actually been pretty good lately with not having any accidents, but some days that litter stinker just can’t make it. Like yesterday, for example. Except what she did yesterday was so much worse than any other accident she’s ever had before. Let me tell you what happened…

Today I'm sharing with you another Stella story complete with all her crazy antics, and how she managed to singlehandedly almost destroy our home.

When I left for work yesterday morning Stella still hadn’t gone to the bathroom for me. Some days are just like that for her. And some of those days she can make it until Eric gets home and some days she just can’t. Yesterday was the latter.

I got home a little after 6:00 yesterday evening and walking in the door to find Stella quietly huddling by the corner of the back door and Eric pounding around in the basement. I proceeded to pick Stella up and let her maul me while I waited for Eric to come upstairs.

“Does it smell in here?” he asked while I started taking off my shoes.

“No…why?” I responded very hesitantly.

“Stella had an accident in her laundry room today. Except unfortunately she aimed for the air duct and peed right down the shoot.”

I had to just stand there for a minute staring at him while I processed that. I don’t know much about home ductwork other than if something breaks I yell for Eric to fix it and slowly back away from the situation, so I was having trouble figuring out exactly what that meant. Luckily, Eric was more than willing to explain it to me.

“There’s pee falling from the ceiling in the basement onto the floor. It’s caught in the elbow of the duct too.”

I finally realized that we definitely had a situation on our hands. Stella however was obviously unconcerned and continued to play with her massive dinosaur. You’d think that since she’s so small she’d have tiny accidents, but no – this one was a 10 out of 10, 5 star, A+ accident.

This meant that Eric got to spend the next two hours rotating between a mop, a shop-vac, and various cleaning supplies trying to contain the mess before our whole house was overtaken with the smell.

We think he succeeded, but we also don’t think we will be having visitors over for a few weeks…


Dogs, huh? Can’t live with ’em, can’t return ’em.

Tell me – what’s the craziest thing your pet has done lately?


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  • Mae

    Oh no!!! Gosh dang dogs. Last night Opie peed his bed…

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Right?! Oh boy…they can make such messes…can’t they…good things they are cute ;)

  • Sarah K.

    Stella can come here each day and have doggie day care with Ellie. They will play all day and Kevin can facilitate using the “facilities”!!! That would make for some interesting days! I cannot believe she aimed so well. What a little over achiever she is!!! xoxo

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Haha oh perfect! We would probably have to record them though for some type of dog reality TV show! And yes – she really tries to show off her intelligence…just not typically in ways Eric and I enjoy. :)

  • Don & Virgie Pirlot

    Wow! we can see Eric cleaning all that up. You don’t want Stella to smell it or she will go back to the same place. Good Luck!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      He did a good job, but he really wasn’t pleased about it. Just one more point on the board for getting the flooring replaced that much sooner! ;)

  • Walking Dot Photography

    ahhhh! lol that’s awful! I’m sorry :p

    • Lindsay Ropella

      lol she’s really on a roll this week, isn’t she. :)

  • Paige Gunter

    I love Stella stories! I know I wouldn’t if they were mine to tell, but you have to admit, Lindsay, she sounds like she is keeping things interesting. How great that your husband knew how to locate the problem and fix it. I would have been like you and needed it explained to me, too.

    • Lindsay Ropella

      She definitely likes to keep us on our toes! I am very grateful that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to a lot of this “house stuff” and can solve problems for us. :)