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October 2012

From Old to New Again – Dresser

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Now that I’ve moved out, my mom is starting to redo my room at my parent’s house. Let me just start by saying that my room at their house is currently hot pink and neon orange – it definitely needs a lot of “redoing.”

My mom has a dresser that was actually hers when she was younger, then it was a part of my bedroom furniture until I got my own set for my 16th birthday, and then it found a home in my college apartment. It definitely has gotten around over the past 35ish years, and is in desperate need of an update.

I got the idea for this dresser on Pinterest: Idea.

My mom is changing my old bedroom into a guest bedroom for my grandparents. This dresser will be the only dresser in the room, so it has to house both clothes and media. In addition, there won’t be much other furniture in the room, so this dresser has to not only be functional, but pretty and bring some interest into the room.

First we took all the drawers out of the dresser, took the handles off, and sanded all the surfaces of both the dresser and drawers with an electric sander.

dresser into a tv stand

After that, we painted the dresser with two coats of Beyer Premium paint in a satin finish.

It looked great, but as we let it dry in the garage, that’s when the problems started… (dun, dun, dun…)

The paint stuck really well to the sides of the dresser and the individual drawers, but the darn paint was just peeling off the top surface of the dresser in strips. We figured out that the reason the paint wasn’t sticking was because the dresser top was not really real wood and was very shiny and slippery so the paint was peeling right off. To fix the problem, we got some Glidden Gripper Primer and painted it all over the top of the dresser. This stuff worked great! Apparently you can put this stuff on glass, then paint it, and the paint won’t peel off.

Once the dresser was finally painted, my grandpa helped to cut a piece of wood to fit inside the dresser at the bottom of the first row of drawers and the top of the second row of drawers. This is so we could use the top two openings as a shelf and not use the drawers. We painted the piece of wood and nailed in the dresser to make the shelf.

dresser into a tv stand

We bought some new, more modern handles to replace the old ones.

dresser into a tv stand

dresser into a tv stand

We screwed the new handles on and, VOILA! A brand new dresser !.. kind of.

dresser into a tv stand

dresser into a tv stand


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  • Sarah K.

    Looks really awesome! You and your mom make a great redecorating team!

    • thenewlywednotebook

      Thank you! You will have to come over and see the room when it’s finally all set up. :)

      • Maycon

        This cabinet looks sortng and sturdy good job and how nice you have extra storage and so organized!May I suggest your hubby attach an L bracket or screw two bolts through the back of the shelving unit [near the top] through the wall into two studs?Anchoring the unit would prevent the shelving unit from toppling forward – the strangest things happen. While your daughter is old enough to know not to climb-up the shelves, some day you may have visitors with children who would see it as a climbing challenge. More than likely this shelving unit would be the furthermost from your mind. I try to take care of this anchoring as soon as possible because it is too easy to forget or think it’s all ready been done.You’re lucky to have such a talented guy around. Happy Holidays! Debi

        • admin

          Thank you so much! That is a great idea – better safe than sorry, right! I will have to bring that up to my husband. Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

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  • Samantha @ Fabulous Fabris

    Wow! Looks great! I love the colour.

    I use primer on everything now. I hear great things about glidden gripper. I might grab that when my current can runs out.

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Thanks! This was about a year and a half ago too and it’s still holding up perfectly! I’ve been really impressed with it. :) Yes – I totally think that gripper made all the difference. If you try it out you will have to let me know how it works for you! Thanks for stopping by!! :)