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March 2015

How I’ve Been Rocking Being A Wife Lately

Written by Lindsay Ropella

It seems like lately I’ve really been nailing it in the “being a wife” category of my life. Not just that I’ve had some winning moments here and there over the past few weeks, no. I mean I’ve been hitting it out of the park.

I know it sounds like I might be bragging, but sometimes you just have to toot your own horn, right? And if you are a wife, maybe you will find that this list gives you a few ideas of how you can up your wife-ing game as well.
It seems like lately I've been nailing it in the "being a wife" category. Not just that I've had some winning moments..I've been hitting it out of the park.
~ || I have yet to make dinner this week. I don’t just mean I haven’t made a thought-through meal, I haven’t even stepped near the stove. What did we have for dinner last night? Left over taco dip and popcorn. #reallife

~ || The hottest thing I said to my husband this week was, “My car is almost out of gas.”

~ || I haven’t had the time to take our dog for a walk for two weeks now and so she keeps destroying things around the house.

~ || This week I’ve apparently decided to stop washing my face at night, thus giving my husband the honor of waking up next to my raccoon eyes and collection of newly formed pimples.

~ || Last month I fell asleep on the couch on more than three separate evenings, and my husband had to try and fight me into bed. I guess I’m pretty cranky when I’m tired…

~ || It’s been so long since I’ve dusted that it looks like it snowed inside our home.

~ || Legit cotton flannel pajamas have become my new lounging around the house uniform.

~ || Our pantry looks like a 17-year-old boy did our grocery shopping — full of junk, canned soup, and nothing of real substance.

~ || We are getting dangerously close to having to wear our underwear inside out…ya feel me?

~ || And last but certainly not least, I’ve started watching our “joint” TV shows in the middle of the night as a way to deal with my insomnia. Eric has no idea. And probably wouldn’t be very happy if he did…so on second thought maybe we should just keep this one on the DL…


I know, I know, you’re in shock and awe. I get it. I’ve really just been winning at life lately, huh?

Seriously though, sometimes being a wife is just plain hard. Whether it be a crazy schedule, sick kids, a damaged relationship, or simply full out exhaustion, things don’t always go as we think they should. But remember, our failures aren’t what define us. I think the ability to accept them, learn from them, and move on from them is what really matters. There are only so many hours in a day, and you are only one person. You’re human. Not superhuman. So next time you are feeling disappointed in yourself or guilty or like your “wife skills” just aren’t holding up, show yourself a little grace and remember that you can only do your best.

Because if your husband is the pretty awesome guy I’m assuming he is, he gets it. He still loves you and appreciates you (trust me, I checked with my husband this week just to make sure). He doesn’t judge you based on what you do (or don’t do) but on who you are to him. Take comfort in that and when you are stressing over feeling like you should really catch up on laundry, try watching a movie with your guy instead. Or go out for a nice date-night dinner instead of feeling bad that you don’t have enough groceries in the house to make a real meal.

And when all else fails, save my own list of wife-fails somewhere and read it to yourself when you are feeling lousy. Okay, maybe don’t do that…but do take a breath and give yourself a break!


So tell me — how have you been winning at being a wife lately? What’s something you’re currently struggling with? If you’re feeling brave, share it with me in the comments below! xo


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  • Amberly

    Sometimes it happens!!! The good news is, your husband has seen you be the most amazing wife in the world before, so the low points might not be pretty, but I bet he knows that they’re not permanent :)

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Such a great perspective! And very true. It’s just life, and we gotta roll with the punches!! xo