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October 2013

Home Remodel Diaries: Kitchen and Dining Room Update

Written by Lindsay Ropella

If you missed the first post for the home update this week, let me catch you up very quickly. My husband Eric and I purchased our first home together just short of 4 months ago. Over the past few months we have been working to update the interior of this oh-so-1990’s home. Every day this week I am going to be sharing two rooms of our home – before and after pictures, what we have done so far, and what we still have planned. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your own space, and also let you know what projects you can expect to see on the blog in future posts!

Today is the second update in the series (click here if you missed the Living and Laundry Room Update). Today’s focus is the Kitchen and Dining Room!

The Kitchen


When we first moved in the kitchen was by far the worst room in the house, so it was the one we decided to tackle first. It still is in need of some major work, but I am pleased with the changes we have made thus far and the plans we have for it. Our very next task is to change out these horrible countertops. As you can see in the pictures, when the cabinets were wood the counters looked fairly white. Now that we have painted the cabinets white however the countertops look yellow and grungy. Now, I will mention that on all our DIY shows (Hi, My name is Lindsay and I am a DIYNetwork addict) these people do amazing kitchen renovations for $20,000+. That’s awesome for them but we are hoping to do a complete kitchen renovation for under $3,500 (appliances included). So tag along to see some of our “quick fixes” and DIY kitchen ideas as we muddle through this undertaking.

It is still very much a work in progress so please use your imagination in these photos. :)

What we have done so far…
– paint walls a light copper/orange color
– paint an accent wall a dark copper color
– paint the cabinets white
– replace all the handles and hardware on all the cabinets
– replace the appliances with matching glossy black appliances

new home remodel

Kitchen – before

new home remodel

Kitchen – after (so far)

new home remodel

Fridge area – before

new home remodel

Fridge area – after (so far)

new home remodel

stove area – after (so far)

new home remodel

Our amazing vinyl flooring (can’t wait to get rid of these babies) 

What we have left to do…
– replace old outlet covers with new white ones
– replace the countertops (already picked out and ready for install)
– replace the sink and faucet
– install hanging fruit/veggie baskets (now completed)
– change out the flooring for dark hardwoods (throughout the first floor)
– add trim molding to the bottom of all the upper cabinets
– trim off the scalloped edge along the top of the sink and make it straight
– possibly add some window coverings (the jury is still out on this one)


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The Dining Room


Our living room is connected to both our kitchen and our living room. We wanted this room to kind of be a statement all on it’s own, yet blend in with the rest of the home since the kitchen and living room are definitely louder rooms design-wise. The has been my favorite room to work on so far – I have so many DIY ideas for this space that I’m excited to not only complete but document for you all as well!

P.S. Who is this person going around who thinks putting carpeting in areas where a table will be is a fabulous idea?!

What we have done so far…
– paint walls a light tan
– put up curtain rods and curtains
– create a picture frame wall as a focal point
– clean up the bookshelf left in the basement and use it as mini buffet

new home remodel

Dining Room – before

new home remodel

Dining Room – after
*awesome action shot of Stella in the background there

new home remodel

Picture Frame Wall and “Mini Buffet” from an old bookshelf left in the basement
*The big frame actually just has a piece of glass in it and I use it as a dry-erase board for messages, menu, etc

What we have left to do…
– change out flooring for dark wood (throughout first floor)
– change out old outlet covers for new, white ones
– DIY the old chandelier with spray paint and new shades (if that fails, purchase a new one)
– paint the dining chairs a cream color
– create a DIY lace table runner out of doilies
– create a DIY centerpiece out of old vases and silk flowers (coming soon)


To see the most recent Dining Room update, click here


So what are the thoughts on these rooms so far? Any opinions or suggestions you have for us? We honestly LOVE hearing your suggestions and are always looking for new projects so feel free to leave them in the comments below or on our Facebook Page! I won’t always post every single project we do (if they are simple or if they are boring), so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on anything please follow me on Instagram. I document basically everything we do on there. :)

Tomorrow I will be sharing our Master Bedroom and Upstairs Bath Update!
Thanks so so much for stopping by!


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