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April 2014

Pinterest Recipe Realities: Veggie Egg Cups

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Have you ever seen a recipe on Pinterest that you really wanted to try but were not sure if it would actually turn out? Or what if you looked at the recipe and realized you were missing some of the ingredients? Very often I question the practicality of some of these famously awesome Pinterest recipes, so I started this series to give you the honest truth about these pins! I take a more commonly known Pinterest recipe and try creating it on my own. I typically won’t purchase special ingredients for a recipe that I wouldn’t use anyway or wouldn’t be able to use up quickly, and I grade the recipe on a scale of 1 to 5 for difficultly level, ease of substitutions, and overall taste.

I know it seems like I’ve been giving all the recipes really high ratings lately, but I really have found some winners the past few weeks! I’m sure my luck will run out soon and I’ll end up with a lemon. :)

Today’s Pinterest Recipe: Veggie Egg Cups


Recipe originally posted on: Rachael Ray


veggie egg cups

Ease of Recipe:


This was hands down probably the easiest dish I’ve ever made (unless you consider pouring cereal into a bowl a “dish,” which some days I totally do). I used egg whites instead of real eggs, so literally all I had to do was cut up whatever veggies I wanted, throw them in the bottom of the muffin tins, fill up each tin with egg whites (I just bought organic egg whites in a carton because it was easiest) and throw a little cheese on top of each one.

I loved that these egg cups were easy to eat as well! I was worried that they would fall apart, but these actually stayed together so well I could eat them with one hand while walking around my house! Perfect.


Ease of Substitutions:


I would have given this recipe 10 stars for ease of substitutions if it wasn’t a little obnoxious. I’m sure I don’t need to go into depth to much on why this is, but basically you can customize these egg cups any way imaginable. Add bacon pieces or breakfast sausage, switch out the veggies, add some black beans or a different kind of cheese, it’s totally up to you! I love that I could make these every week if I wanted and never get sick of them because each time they would be so different.

Next time I want to try adding breakfast sausage to them and see how that works out. I know they will take a little bit longer to make since I will have to cook up the sausage first, but I think if I make a double batch it will be worth it!


Overall Taste:


These things were delicious! They kind of tasted like a really hearty omelet (light on the egg). I went a little spice-crazy but I think it worked out well. Especially since these were all veggie egg cups, I think they could handle a bit more flavor through spices. Eric loved these as well and has been bringing them to work as a mid-morning snack (he eats like 6 times a day, I swear – wish I could be so lucky).

The best part was that the tasted pretty much the same heated up the second and third day as they did when they first came out of the oven. Just make sure that you heat them up long enough so you aren’t left with a cold, egg center – gross. For me, it seems like 45 seconds to 1 minute is enough to heat the egg cups all the way through.


Overall Rating:


The final verdict? This one has totally made it into the monthly (weekly?) rotation. They were so super easy and delicious that that alone would make for them getting made again very soon. However, my favorite part about this recipe is how versatile it is. One week I could make a batch of these with breakfast sausage and bacon, or mushrooms and peppers and onions, or black beans and cheese with a side of avocados, the list really is endless. These little egg cups are so healthy (depending on what you add to them, I suppose) and so high protein too!

Eric and I typically have health shakes for breakfast, but for the days when you are in a rush or need something a little extra, these little egg cups are perfect to grab and go! They store great in the fridge and heat up in about 45 seconds. I was a little nervous that egg wouldn’t heat up very well, but I thought they were delicious reheated! I don’t know if it’s because there is so many other ingredients in it as well, but whatever the reason I’m happy it worked! I also read that these could be frozen for a few months, but I have yet to try that out myself.


Click here for the full recipe over on the Rachael Ray Website


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