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March 2015

Quality or Quantity, Which Do You Choose?

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Quality or Quantity? This is a question I’ve been asking myself quite a bit lately.

All through high school and for most of college, I focused very much on quantity when it came to my wardrobe and accessories. I mean let’s be honest, it’s not like I had the money for nice things back then so it wasn’t much of a decision, but I really had bought into the idea of having a closet full of cheaper things so that I wouldn’t have to repeat outfits very often, and so that I wouldn’t feel as guilty getting rid of things I too quickly became tired of.

Are you a quality or a quantity gal when it comes to your wardrobe? Today I share why I recently made the shift, and where I find my awesome quality pieces!

Lately though (probably ever since getting married), I’ve really started focusing on a more minimalistic lifestyle. When we moved into our house a little over a year ago I did a huge purge and either sold or donated almost half of my wardrobe. Gearing up for that closet clean-out had me almost literally shaking in my knee-high boots, but it turned out to shockingly be much easier to do than I was anticipating. When you really take the time to look at each piece you have in the light of day and with a critical eye, you notice everything from small stains to rips to ill-fits, which makes it much easier to part with it once you realize it isn’t doing you any favors.

Dramatically sizing down my collection has made it much easier to focus on how to best wear and accessorize what I do have, and to better plan out outfits and discover what items I should look at adding to my wardrobe. My fashion goals lately have been to add classic, high quality pieces to my collection that can compliment any outfit, hold up through time and trends, and just overall be a really positive addition to my collection. Don’t get me wrong, I still love shopping for “trendy” pieces that I will only wear for a season or two at my go-to bargain stores like Forever 21 and Target, but mixing these together with high quality pieces has been a very positive change for my overall wardrobe.

It’s funny how much of an effect a nice outfit and the feeling of being put together can have on your level of daily motivation and overall attitude. But if you think about it, do you tend to feel better and get more accomplished when you are sporting third-day-hair and a pair of baggy sweatpants, or when you are rocking a cute top, a new handbag, and a few curls? If you are like me, I’m sure you said the latter. The whole no-shower and hubby’s sweatpants look always seems to turn me into a couch-monster…

As I mentioned in my 5 apps every newlywed should have on their phone post, this year Eric and I created a pretty strict budget for ourselves in order to be able to pay off all our debt by the end of 2015. I figured there would be no way I would be buying high-end pieces this year considering we are attempting to live on a shoestring budget, but I was so surprised to discover that by saving a portion of my “personal spending” each month, I was able to save up for a new high quality piece to add to my collection every few months (P.S. I will be sharing specifics about the budget we created for ourselves and some tips next week). Budgeting and saving in this way has been an awesome life lesson for me as it’s helped me to stomp out some of my “impulsive shopping tendencies,” work on my advanced planning skills, and has even been a good lesson in delayed gratification and self-control (yes, I’m 5 years old). So trust me, if I can do it so can you!

So, I can’t talk this whole “I love quality pieces” talk without walking the walk and dishing on where I actually snag my awesome items, can I? Didn’t think so.

If you haven’t yet heard of Shopbop, let me introduce you.

“Shopbop, this is my friend (insert your name here). Friend, this is Shopbop. Prepare to become obsessed.”

Shopbop is a one-stop-shop for all your high fashion needs. They have hundreds of designers including everyone from Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs to Rebecca Minkoff. I NEVER thought I would be one of those girls to own or purchase from such “extravagant” designers, but Shopbop makes it way too easy. As we all know online shopping can be a bit difficult, so I really appreciate that Shopbop documents all their items extremely well through multiple pictures and videos, lengthy product descriptions, precise sizing information, and easy to read customer reviews.

For me, there are two things that make Shopbop better than any other store you’ve ever ordered from online. The first is the amount and variety of their sales. You can always find something either on sale or on clearance on Shopbop. Pieces that may be sold out or never on sale in stores near you can almost always be found on this site. The second thing that makes Shopbop so unique to me is their shipping policy. Seriously, this place is scary fast. Jimmy Johns can’t hold a candle to these guys. For example, last week I ordered something Tuesday evening at 10:00 p.m. and it was on my doorstep when I got home from work Thursday afternoon. Shopbop has FREE 3-DAY SHIPPING on ALL orders, and for me it usually never even takes that long. Simply nuts.

I should also let you know that right now Shopbop is having their “THE BIG EVENT” sale. Depending on how much you spend, you will receive anywhere from 15% to 25% off your entire order! All designers are included in this sale except Stuart Weitzman. The sale runs from Tuesday, March 3 to Sunday, March 8 at 4:00 a.m. EST. Get all the details on the sale and coupon codes here. And don’t worry, I will post Shopbop sale alerts and deals on my Facebook page as they come up, so make sure you LIKE my page.

Are you a quality or a quantity gal when it comes to your wardrobe? Today I share why I recently made the shift, and where I find my awesome quality pieces!

So hop on over to Shopbop and see what they have to offer! If your budget isn’t allowing you to purchase any high-quality pieces right now, give their site a look and pick out the next item for your wishlist. And while you’re at it, let me know what it is in the comments below! I’d love some inspiration!

And just to give you an idea, here are two handbags that I’ve purchased from Shopbop in the past few months…

Are you a quality or a quantity gal when it comes to your wardrobe? Today I share why I recently made the shift, and where I find my awesome quality pieces!
Are you a quality or a quantity gal when it comes to your wardrobe? Today I share why I recently made the shift, and where I find my awesome quality pieces!

I’ve also purchased additional items like an adorable black winter coat, some jewelry, notebooks, and other odds and ends. I did have to exchange the coat for a different size, and FYI the return process was a breeze and hassle-free!

So tell me, are you a quality or a quantity gal, or do you like a mix of both? What are your favorite designers or stores to shop from? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to let me know what you’re loving at Shopbop right now — I’m always on the hunt for new pieces to stalk!


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  • Lauren

    Right now I’m in the “college broke” stage of life, but the more I look at the fashion I like, the more it leans towards a classic look. Which means more money. But once I get married I want to do what you do :) Also, I’m excited for that budget! I’m getting engaged anytime now and am excited to plan little (well not so little) things like a budget!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Ah, the “college broke” stage, I remember it well. ;) Heck, we are still in it some months. I’ve really been into quality, classic pieces lately like shoes, handbags, etc. It’s been fun to pair those with more trendy pieces and create little outfits. It’s nice to know the more expensive pieces will hold up really well over time and be wearable for years to come. And I’m so glad to hear! Having a budget has made such a difference for us, plus it was an awesome bonding experience to come up with one together and plan for our future!

  • chelsea

    it’s so true that we feel more motivation and better about ourselves when we are put together! i try not to spend too much on new clothes either and save up for bigger, quality purchases!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Sounds like we are of one mind in the fashion department! :) It’s so funny (and maybe slightly narcissistic) but feeling good about yourself and put together really does make such a great difference! :)

  • Amanda

    I’m totally in the same boat! I’m trying to downsize my closet to the items that I love and make me feel good instead of being an endless sea of crap clothes I’m meh about. I’ve found a few holes in my wardrobe I need to fill in, so I’m trying to be much more choosy with what I buy, and they have to be basic staples. I better go check out ShopBop, eh?

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Ugh, you summed up my closet dilemma beautifully, “crap I feel meh about.” :) It was so scary to get rid of so much because I felt like I would be wearing the same 5 things over and over again, but it really has been so nice to clean out and now slowly be able to add pieces back in as I am able. Haha you TOTALLY should go check it out. I spend way too much of my day on their handbags page…but they are just so BEAUTIFUL!! ;)

  • LaPetiteFashionista

    I love your mini mac! I have the same one and agree- totally worth the investment!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Don’t you love it?! What color? I know, I’ve really been getting into investment pieces lately and seeing how really worth it they are. :)

  • Dara @ The Southern Thing

    I’m definitely a quality over quantity! I’d much rather buy one nice bag a year than several bags I’ll tire of within a few weeks! It’s how I justify my big purchases. I may spend more, but in the end I come out ahead because I get so much use out of it, and the classic quality pieces never really go out of style!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      I’m 100% with ya on this one, girl! That’s why I try to not spent a lot on trendy pieces I will outgrow quickly style-wise, and just spend it on the “classic” pieces. It’s opened up a whole new world of fashion to me and I’m loving it! :)