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July 2015

Rocking Pale Skin During the Summer | thebalm Review

Written by Lindsay Ropella

I’m super pale-skinned. I always have been that way and feel like I can safely assume I always will be. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me, but during the summertime here in Wisconsin (which, hello, is right now) it kind of drives me nuts. Shorts and dresses do not feel nearly as comfortable to me when I have a pair of bright white gams sticking out from underneath.

And the worst part of it is I could sit out in the sun all day and never get any darker. My skin doesn’t burn, it doesn’t tan, it doesn’t really do much of anything. The sun and my skin are pretty much mortal enemies – they want nothing to do with each other.

So over the years I’ve had to get creative with different ways to get some color into my completion during the warmer months. I’ve tried everything from spray tanning to tanning lotions to pretty much every kind of bronzing powder that’s out there. Recently, I’ve come across both a line of cosmetics and a combination of application that I’ve been SO impressed with for making me look skin-kissed without being orangey or streaky.

I'm always on the look for a good way to bring a summery glow to my pale skin. Well, I think I've finally found it. Here is my review on 4 thebalm products!

I had never tried any products from the line thebalm before, but I had heard great things about it from multiple people, so it was on my list for the future. However, once I started trying to track it down when I was out and about I quickly discovered that it was a tough line of products to get your hands on. It’s not carried at Sephora, nor Ulta, nor any department store in my area. I did notice that every once in a while Ulta would have a handful of thebalm products at the counter, but it was never anything I was interested in trying.

This is however, until a few weeks ago when I saw that thebalm was listed as one of the sale products on HauteLook for the week — I was pumped! Their products are a bit pricey, even for high end makeup, so when I saw everything was 60% off I jumped at the chance to put in an order of products I really had had my eye on.

I'm always on the look for a good way to bring a summery glow to my pale skin. Well, I think I've finally found it. Here is my review on 4 thebalm products!

The first product I knew I wanted to get was Bahama Mama. I was particularly interested in this product for it’s contouring abilities, but the awesome thing about this is that it’s a multifunctional product and can be used as a contour, a matte bronzer, and even a shadow. I never had a really good contouring powder before, so I wanted to give this one a try for at least that purpose.

Side note: did you know that you should not be using a bronzing powder to contour? Why? Well often times a bronzer has some sort of subtle (or not so subtle) shimmer or sparkle to the product to help highlight certain areas of the face when it catches the light. This is great for bronzing, however the purpose of a contouring powder is to make areas of your face look like they are in a shadow, not highlighted. This helps to create shape and dimension to your face by creating areas of less light and areas of more light. You should be placing contouring powder in places you want to draw light away from and in essence, look smaller and take up less space visually, such as in the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your nose. So for that reason most contouring powders and bronzers should not be used interchangeably.

I’m so happy to report that this product works beautifully as a contour! You definitely want to use a super light hand with this stuff as a little goes a long way, but I love how silky and easy to work with this is, that the color is not at all overwhelming or muddy-looking on my pale skin, and that it has great staying powder. I use this in conjunction with the next product to really give my face a subtle but beautiful summery glow.

I'm always on the look for a good way to bring a summery glow to my pale skin. Well, I think I've finally found it. Here is my review on 4 thebalm products!

This stuff…let me tell ya, I’m kind of obsessed. The Betty-Lou manizer bronzing powder from thebalm is hands down the BEST bronzer I’ve EVER used! I like a bronzer that ever so slightly catches the light to highlight certain areas of my face but doesn’t have any sparkle or any over the top shimmer, something that stays all day, and something that will be a good tone for my very pale skin and doesn’t look fake. A tall order, I realize. But I’m so pleased to say that this product delivers all that and then some! Again, a little goes a long way with this stuff, but I’ve been using it almost every day for over a month now and I’m totally sold! I use it right on top of my cheekbones, on my temples, and finish with a light sweep across my hairline on my forehead.

I'm always on the look for a good way to bring a summery glow to my pale skin. Well, I think I've finally found it. Here is my review on 4 thebalm products!

The Cindy-Lou manizer is Betty-Lou manizer’s (cutest names ever, no?) sister. Cindy is the highlight to Betty’s bronzer, and boy are they a match made in heaven. Again, I love that this product manages to catch light in this amazing way without being too in-your-face, and without containing a bunch of shimmer or sparkle. I love the ever so slight peachy color of this product, and that it complements the other two thebalm products beautifully! This is definitely the best highlight I have tried in a long time. As far as placement, this stuff is tough to mess up so I kind of just put it wherever I’m feeling like that day, but I always place it on top of my cheekbones and a tiny bit down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow.

I'm always on the look for a good way to bring a summery glow to my pale skin. Well, I think I've finally found it. Here is my review on 4 thebalm products!

Last but certainly not least is the Instain blush in Lace. And can we just talk about this packaging for two seconds? How adorable, right?! There are 6 different shades of thebalm’s instain blush, and each one looks like the cover of a different magazine. This is easily my new favorite blush, and I can’t wait to add a few more colors to my collection. I love that this stuff acts like a stain in the sense that it stays in place all day and is extremely pigmented, but it goes on like a powder and is very blendable. I have to admit that I don’t wear blush every day; sometimes I just wear the three products above and call it good. But for days I want to add a little extra flush and color to my complexion, I reach for this one every single time.

I will post a photo over on my Instagram this week on a day I do a full face of makeup to show you how it looks all together, but it honestly gives you that perfect, beautiful summery look! I know it may sound like a lot of makeup, but if you use a light hand and blend it together well, it looks super natural — just like your skin, only better. :)

I don’t typically do a ton of product reviews on here, but I’ve just been so incredibly impressed with thebalm line and specifically these few products, so I thought I would share!

So tell me – have you used any of thebalm’s products? Let me know what ones you’ve enjoyed, as I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more to try!

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  • Traci J

    I love the balm. Their “Marylou Manizer” highlighter is my holy grail highlighter.

    • Lindsay Ropella

      I want to try that one so bad! I love the other two so I’m assuming this one will be great too! You use it as a highlighter, huh? I wasn’t exactly sure what it was most used for, good to know! :)

      • Traci J

        Yes! It’s a fabulous highlight – especially for your inner corner and browbone. (But looks nice swept across the cheekbones as well). However – I’ve been known to use it as an eyeshadow from time to time.

        • Lindsay Ropella

          Oh perfect! Can’t wait to give it a try, thanks again for the recommendation!!