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April 2014

The Husband Tag!

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Well, Eric and I finally did it! We filmed out first Youtube video together! We had fun with it and I hope you will have some laughs listening to our answers.

I hope you will watch it and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. As of now, I’m pretty sure I will always post the videos here too, but if things go well (and I actually like this crazy video thing) I’m sure I will video little snippets of things that will make it onto YouTube, but not the blog. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel either way though because the video are always posted there first before they make it on to the blog!

Since my husband does actually read my blog (bless him), I wanted to send Eric a HUGE thank you for doing this with me! I had fun filming together and I really appreciate you taking time to do this with me, even while the game was on. :)

Well, without further adieu, here is Eric and I doing “The Husband Tag!” Make sure you watch (or skip) to the end to see Stella in all her adorable tiredness glory!

TIP: Eric’s voice is softer than mine so you may want to turn the volume up so you can hear his answers. Sorry in advance if my voice in turn becomes Mack Truck loud. 


husband thumbnail


In case you want to do this tag yourself or follow along with us, here are the questions to “The Husband Tag!”

1.Where did you meet?
2.How long did you date before getting married?
3.What is your favorite feature of me?
4.Favorite Quality?
5.What is my favorite color?
6.What is my favorite food?
7.What is my favorite sports team?
8.What is my favorite t.v. show?
9.What kind of salad dressing am I most likely to get on my salad at a restaurant?
10.What food do I not like?
11.What size shoe do I wear?
12.What is my favorite type of sandwich?
13.If I could eat one thing everyday what would it be?
14.What is my favorite cereal?
15.What is my favorite music?
16.What is my eye color?
17.Who is my best friend?
18.What is something I do that you wish I wouldn’t?
19.What is my heritage /where I am from?
20.Did I play any sports?
21.If you baked me a cake what kind would I like?
22.What is one unique talent I have?


Thanks so much for your support with our first video! We surprisingly had a lot of fun doing this so if you have ideas for other videos you would like us to do, PLEASE leave them in the comments below!


Happy Monday!


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  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh I was just DYING about the lunch meat conversation. Seriously hilarious.

    I am also like a 17 year old girl. I am reading insurgent as we speak. And Teen Mom is definitely tivo’d every week so I don’t miss it. :)

    Eric is such a good sport! This was so fun to watch. :)

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Haha thanks….I’m a little quirky but it keeps things interesting, I guess. I LOVED Insurgent. It was my favorite one in the series! Oh Teen Mom, such a guilty pleasure lol. Eric refuses to watch it so I DVR it and watch it when he’s asleep and I’m still in bed awake because I have insomnia lol. So glad you enjoyed!!

  • Melissa @ Loving Here

    Ha! This was fun…not sure my Hubs would ever agree to do it, though. Bonus points to yours for being such a good sport…and yes, the lunch meat topic was the best!
    We did a similar video for our blogiversary…you can watch it here:

    • Lindsay Ropella

      lol Thanks! We had a good time with it. I’m glad people are finding it entertaining besides just my mom. :) Yea – I totally owe him one! You should totally try and get your hubby to do it! Eric was super against it at first but I think he thought it wasn’t as bad once we got started. I’m going to go watch your video now! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Nikki Rudolph

    Lindsay, you and Eric are adorable! Your video was so cute. You guys remind me a lot of Jeff and me! You and I have a lot in common too! Ice cream is also my favorite food, and I also hate seafood! Haha…poor Jeff. He is trying to break me of my ice cream addiction…but that’s quite a feat! :) Netflix will be a staple in our house when we get married…that’s all Jeff watches right now! He’s really into the show House. Keep these cute posts coming! Love reading them and watching this cute vid! Great job Eric! :)


    • Lindsay Ropella

      Aww, thanks!! Wow, that’s really funny! Our boys can relate to each other’s “girl struggles” then, huh? :) I LOVE Houses but haven’t thought to watch it on Netflix! I know I’ve missed a few seasons here and there so I will have to catch up on those. Eric and I just finished the series Breaking Bad – it was surprisingly pretty good! Thanks so much! I never know if these types of posts that aren’t really about anything specific are fun to read or not. I have a lot of fun writing them so I will have to do some more :)

  • Katie

    This is too cute! I’m totally going to have to talk my husband into doing this with me on our blog! Also, I love your blog. I was married at 20 & it was the best decision I’ve ever made! God is so good! So excited that I found a blogger whom I can relate to :)
    Be blessed!


    • Lindsay Ropella

      Oh you should!! He was pretty uncomfortable at first but it ended up being pretty fun. :) Thank you!! Yes, He is. :) I’m so glad you are enjoying following my blog, I will have to check yours out at well! Happy Monday!