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May 2014

We Almost Made Friends! But Then We Didn’t…

Written by Lindsay Ropella

If you read my post yesterday, you  know that one of the things that changed for Eric and I when we got married is that we started hanging out with more “couple” friends. It’s not that we have anything against single people or our single friends, it’s just that in general, it’s easier for us to relate more now to other people in relationships.

That being said, we really don’t have many couple friends. We definitely have a few, but none of them really live that close to us. When we first bought our house, we stalked all the neighbors within a mile radius to see if any of them seemed to be our own age…no such luck.

I won’t complain, because we really do have awesome neighbors (I know that’s not always the case) but all the people who live around us are either senior citizens or parents with kids in high school. Needless to say we’ve been on the hunt since moving in for a couple around our own age to possibly do things with every once in a while or to have over for a cookout and to catch a game.

Well, I’m happy/sad/weirded out to confess that this past weekend Eric and I did almost make some new friends! But then we didn’t…

Here’s the whole story:
making friends


It was a beautiful weekend here in Wisconsin this past weekend, so on Saturday morning Eric and I decided to take Stella for a long walk. Much to my excitement it was also the first weekend of rummage sales around these parts, so I brought some small bills with me (which I had to tuck them in my sports bra since I didn’t have any pockets, kinda felt like a “dancer” not gonna lie) and set out for our walk around the neighborhood.

We decided to take a different (and longer) route for this walk since it was so nice out and we had nothing else to do the rest of the day. We got about 3 streets over before I saw a rummage sale that I wanted to stop at. Eric had Stella so he stayed on the sidewalk while I ran into the garage sale to see if they had anything I didn’t need but was going to buy anyway.

When I came back out, Stella was having a blast playing with the dog from the next house over. They were so cute chasing each other around in circles and taking turns challenging each other with their little puppy pounces. Eric was talking to the owner of the home, whom I of course right away noticed looked to be about our same age. Turns out their dog was just a few months older than Stella, and was named Bella (fate, right?). We actually all had a nice little conversation for about 5 minutes or so until his wife/girlfriend/fiance/not sure forgot to look at rings (yes, I’m that creepy) came walking out of the house with an adorable little girl in tow.

It took every ounce of willpower I had to stop myself from yelling out “DO YOU WANT TO BE OUT FRIENDS” and settled for a calm “hello” instead. Well, we eventually got that awkward point in the conversation with neighbors where you get to a lull and wonder whether you should start another topic or just say goodbye. We stood there for a minute not knowing what to do, and so finally we just said it was nice to meet them and continued on with our walk.

For the next 10 minutes or so Eric and I discussed how that could have gone differently and what we should have said. But really, what do say in that situation? It’s not like I can use the “hey, don’t we have a class together?” line anymore or drunkenly meet my “new bff” in a weird embrace at the bar on campus. How do you make new friends as a real adult? All ideas are welcome…
And to the couple we met on our walk this past weekend:

if you have somehow magically stumbled across this blog post and read through the entire thing without calling the cops, I promise we really aren’t that creepy. Weird, definitely. But not creepy. And if you ever feel like coming over for a cookout or something, we’d love to have you!

the little white house with the porch across from the school


On a totally unrelated note, Eric and I are now accepting applications for “couple friends.” If you live in Wisconsin and want to be our friends either because you think we sound awesome (or feel sorry for us, beggars can’t be choosers) hit me up.


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  • ReBecca S

    Put up a sign saying you’re having brats, beer, & cheese & watching the Packers they should all flock to you! lol Sounds stereotypical but us Wisconsin people like that :P

    • Lindsay Ropella

      haha omg that’s PERFECT!! Totally doing that the next time we have a cookout. And it’s so true but I love it. :)

  • Amanda @ Marry Mint

    Send me your application. Kyle and I are in the market for some friends… ;)

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Oh I wouldn’t make you guys apply. Just move to Wisconsin and we’re all set. We have great beer here… :)

  • Newlyweds on a Budget

    This made me LOL because my husband and I are going through the same thing, trying to expand our circle of couple friends. I recently reconnected with an old colleague of mine and we made plans to hang out as a foursome. It could have gone really weird, but luckily it didn’t and we all had a blast and have hung out with them a couple of times since. SO yay for new couple friends! although to be honest, with eric’s wacky schedule right now it’s hard to find time that works to hang out with other couples. Hopefully next year when he’s done with probation, we can go out with some of his firefighter buddies and their wives. I can’t wait to be part of the fire wife group!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      haha oh good! I’m glad your double date worked out! You never know with those random ones lol. I bet being a part of the fire wives group will be a BLAST! I’ve met a few fire fighters in my day and they get pretty crazy, yea? ;)

  • Rachel G

    It is HARD to make friends as an adult, and really hard to make couple friends, too. Most of our friends are single, because they are the friends we made in college who haven’t moved away yet and our friends seem in no rush to get married. I’d say the only “couple friends” we have really connected with are an old high school friend of mine who got married around the same time we did. They live in another state, but we’ve been able to visit a couple times and all 4 of us really connect well–I definitely wish they lived closer!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      That’s great! Yes, it’s so difficult to find friends that you really mesh with as an adult, and it becomes even that much more difficult when you have to find a couple that you like AND your husband likes and gets along with as well. Whew – it makes me tired just thinking about it. I know people have said that when you have kids as your kids make friends, their parents become your friends too, so maybe I just have to hold out for that. :) Thanks so much for sharing!!