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July 2014

Wedding Guest Survival Kit: It’s Not All About the Bride

Written by Lindsay Ropella

Eric and I had a blast attending a family wedding this past Saturday – It was a beautiful ceremony and a rocking reception! I may or may not have just finished hand-washing my dress because the action on the dance floor got so intense that was no longer smelling “so fresh and so clean” when we got home that night. Spoiler: I did.

But no time to relax because we have to start gearing up for our good friend’s wedding this next weekend! There is just something so exciting about attending a wedding and spending the evening celebrating with your family and friends. But getting ready for and attending a lot of weddings lately has made me realize that wedding season doesn’t just take a toll on the wedding party, it can start to be rough on wedding guests as well if they aren’t properly prepared.

There are tons of lists and posts out there on wedding day survival kits for brides and bridesmaids, but not too many on things to bring if you are just a guest attending the wedding.

So in an attempt to help you stuff your purse with even more things you may never need, here is a comprehensive list of the Ultimate Wedding Guest Survival Kit. (But seriously, you may want to consider making sure you have a few of these items along with you.)

There are lots of "survival kits" out there for brides and bridesmaids? But what about a wedding guest survival kit? Well, look no further!

– Flip-Flops or Flat Shoes. If you are like me, then you always think you’re going to make it through the entire evening in your 4 inch heels, which for some reason never ends up being the case. Make sure you throw a pair of flats in your car or in your purse that go with your outfit in case your heels crap out on you at some point in the evening. Unless you like slipping around on the beer covered dance floor in your bare feet – then in that case, you go girl!

– Hair Ties and Bobby Pins. I tend to like to wear my hair down for weddings, but at about 9:30 at night it just becomes too much to handle. I always have to throw a few bobby pins in there at the very least to keep my hair off my face. If you want to put your hair up but don’t want to have to just throw it into a ponytail, check out my go-to summer hairstyle from the lovely Kate. I’ve gotten to the point where I can accomplish this one in about 3 minutes and don’t even need a mirror – perfect for a quick hair switch mid-celebration.

– A Granola Bar or Nuts. Sometimes the day of the wedding can get a little long for guests as well. If you are attending a wedding that has an early ceremony and a later dinner, you may want to have some snacks on hand in the event that either the heat gets to you, or start to feel a little hungry (or your husband starts to get lightheaded because it’s been a whole 2 hours since he last ate = my life).

– A Cute Sweater. Some churches still don’t have air conditioning, and some reception  halls crank the a/c. And sometimes it’s vice versa. You never know what you’re going to get, so dressing in layers helps to remedy the “I’m so hot I’m going to pass out” or the “Are they practicing for dogsled races in here or what?”

– Ginger For Your Stomach. We’ve all done it before. The food is so good you eat too much and then immediately after your Aunt Jemima (yup, go with it) pulls you out on the dance floor to dance with her. Or you realize a drink too late that you’ve maybe had a bit too much and are all of a sudden not feeling so hot. I keep ginger chews (I get mine at World Market) in my purse 24/7. Ginger immediately helps to calm your stomach and allows you to keep right on partying!

– A Directions App or GPS. A lot of times we are attending weddings at churches/locations that we’ve never been to before, or we even might be traveling out of state. Have some sort of way to find yourself around a new area to ensure that you’re not late for the wedding…walking in after the bride is never a good look.

– Kleenex. No explanation needed.

– Some One-Dollar Bills. Unless you are a umm, “dancer,” you probably don’t have a ton of $1 laying around at all times. I never do either, but you’ll want to make sure you have some for tipping the bartenders or paying for drinks if it’s a cash bar. Nothing is more awkward than the “You’re doing a great job. Here’s a $5, but can I have like $3 back?”

– Bandaids. In case you get a blister mid-ceremony and have promised yourself the heels don’t come off until at least after dinner, you’re going to need a few of these.

– The Wedding Hashtag. Does the wedding your attending have one? Having a personalized wedding hashtag is starting to become a really popular thing, so if you’re planning on posting pictures or tweeting about the event, make sure you know what it is so that the bride and groom can find them later on!

– 3 Makeup Items. Don’t bother loading your purse down with 10 different makeup products you’re never actually going to use. When I go to weddings I allow myself to bring three products. They vary every once in a while but my 3 go-tos are cover up, the lipstick I’m wearing, and Mally Face Defender. You can now get it at Ulta, and I’m beyond psyched about it! I got this stuff for my own wedding a few years back, and have been obsessed with it ever since. It says it acts like a finishing powder, but it does so much more than that. When you put it on in the morning it reduces redness, covers up fine lines, protects your makeup from melting off, and gives you a nice matte finish without looking dead. When you use it later in the day for a touch-up, it acts as an oil blotting sheet to get rid of sweat and oil, it re-smoothes out your makeup, fixes skin tone issues, and makes your face look like it did when you first left the house that morning. If you can’t tell, I’m in love.

– A Mini Perfume or Body Spray. For if the dancing gets a little too crazy or you feel like you need to freshen up mid-event.

– Some Business Cards and Your Elevator Pitch. This may sound like a strange item to bring to a wedding, but odds are there are going to be a lot of people you haven’t seen in a while and a lot of people you haven’t met before to whom you’ll be introduced. One of the first things they will probably ask you is, “so what do you do?” For some of us this answer is very easy, but for some, not so much. So make sure you have an interesting but concise statement ready to go explaining what it is you do. If you aren’t sure how to do this, Charissa at House of Bliss wrote an awesome post on how to perfect your elevator pitch. For those people who seem really interested or who may just want a way to get in contact with you, make sure you have some business cards on hand to give out.

What are some things you never attend a wedding without? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kerrin Chance

    haha that is brilliant! I’m getting married in October and this is the perfect guest list survival checklist for my guests.

    xoxo, kerri

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Thanks! :) And congrats to you!! Fall weddings are beautiful!

  • Paige

    Cute, Lindsay! Bandaids are definitely a must- those & flats definitely!

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Thanks, Paige! For sure! I’m already stocking up for the wedding this weekend :)

  • lisa

    Would love you to linkup for my Wedding Wednesday Linkup today! ANY wedding-related post! Lisa @ Showered With Design :: Wedding Wednesday

    • Lindsay Ropella

      Sure thing! Thanks for letting me know!!