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September 2012

We’re Married!!

Written by Lindsay Ropella

I know it has been quite some time since I last posted, but with just two weeks until the big day, my house was turned into wedding central. I was working like crazy to get all the last minute details done in time for the wedding. But now that its all over (tear) I have lots of fun posts to share with you all! Some of the wedding decor posts I wanted to save until after the wedding, so that our wedding guests would still be surprised.

But first, I wanted to share some photos of the big day! We were married on July 28th in Wisconsin. The weather was beautiful and we had so many wonderful people with us to help celebrate our marriage!

Here I am walking in with my Daddy. :)

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Here is a picture of the entire ceremony, including our bridal party and all our favorite people!

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A close up of our custom aisle runner. We ordered it from I researched quite a few sites and this one had the best price and great reviews. We were extremely happy with the quality of the runner and the service we received. It made the space so special and unique! I really recommend checking them out if you are looking for something beautiful to add to your ceremony space!

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Our table centerpieces – to see exactly how these were done, visit my Table Centerpieces post.

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Here is a table setting. We rented the glass vases, damask table runners, and gold plate chargers from a local wedding rental shop. Renting wedding decor is a great way to go when you require many of the same piece (like the vases, river rock, and plate chargers). Look around and find a place that will give you the best price per unit. Another thing to check on is when you can pick up and when you must return the rented pieces. For example, the place I rented from let me pick up the pieces on the Wednesday before the wedding. I really appreciated that because then we had plenty of time to assemble the centerpieces before the weekend. If you live in the area, I definitely recommend checking out Wedding Perfect.

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Our beautiful wedding cake. :) It was delicious. The best part was that the woman who made our cake didn’t even have to use fondant. That thing is all frosting, people!

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For our guest favors, we created a candy buffet. To see more about our guest favors, read my post Wedding Guest Gifts.

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For our cards…

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Well, that’s all for now, folks! Keep your eyes peeled for more wedding posts to come! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the wedding decor and what you may have done for your own special day! Comment below. :)

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Photos by: Danae Herrmann


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